Hello there! My name is Ashley, but most of my friends call me Finley.  I am a 20 something California native, currently living betwixt the mountain ranges of Utah.  My heart lies in Los Angeles but it sometimes dances in Salt Lake City. The "About Me" sections of things are usually pretty hard.  I find it difficult to pin point the whole of me in a summary paragraph but I guess that's why you and I are here....for The Journey. I'm not incredibly sure about much when it comes to me.  But, let me tell you things I do know for sure. 

 Most days, Im pretty okay. I am a proud dog mom and lover of all things with  4 legs and fur.  I have an adventurous soul and sometimes I see my name in the clouds.  My laugh is loud and sincere and it does not like to be pitted against my sadness. Poetry is the language my heart speaks but a good song is how it prays.  I sometimes feel like Alice, lost and afraid of whats in the abyss of my future but I can't help but to dive deeper.  I don't know where the current will take me, but I don't mind the swim. This is just my adventure. It's my journey and through all of it i'm Finding Finley.